Feel the peace, beauty and purity of Norway

Hjemmebu – feel at home in Norwegian – is the name of the mountain lodge we are renting. feel at home. That is our intention. Everyone who enters our cabin must feel that warm, comfortable feeling of home.

We are Anke & Geert, the driving forces behind feelathome – an indoor & outdoor living shop between Antwerp and Brussels.

We realised our dream in Norway, on a plateau in the mountains. Near the end of the world we created a place where we can fully unwind: this is our lodge, Hjemmebu.

We would like to share this unique place on earth with others. It would be such a shame to keep this just for ourselves. That is why we are now renting our Norwegian home. Because that is exactly what it is for us.

Our lodge or holiday home is the ideal place for different types of holidays. In winter or summer, to relax and unwind, for active outdoor living, or a base to explore and experience Norway.


On the Torpoasen plateau in the Hallingdal region. Between Oslo and Bergen. At 195 km or a 3-hour drive from Oslo.


A spacious lodge for 8 persons. Warm and tastefully decorated, with an eye for even the smallest details. Equipped with all modern comfort. You don’t have to worry about anything in our cabin. Just simply enjoy.


Norway is an amazing experience both in winter and summer. You taste, breathe, experience the calm, freedom and nature.

See you soon? Start making plans!

Look inside

Start dreaming

At first sight a typical Norwegian mountain hut. An authentic cabin that has been there for years. Once inside you will be immersed in our own unique feelathome-style. We have put our soul into every board, in every piece of furniture.

Call it “a Norwegian hytte with a Belgian touch”.

The purity of nature

Norway is living outdoors

The Norwegians are the happiest people in the world according to the “World Happiness Report”.  Freedom, honesty, well-being, health…. the fact that they are surrounded by nature everywhere certainly is a contributing factor.

Experience for yourself why they are so happy!

Spring. From hot to cold. Nature comes back to life. Colours change quickly because of the blooming flowers and trees. Due to the loads of melting water the waterfalls are most spectacular to see in this season.

Summer. Think of green. Think of water. Think of vast fjords and swirling rivers. Long days and short nights. You can live outside almost day and night. The delicious rays of sun give new energy. You are surrounded by nature anywhere you go. Feel and taste the freedom.

Autumn. Nature colours red, yellow and orange. Berries and mushrooms are ripe to be picked. But the days become shorter and the night is entirely dark again. Heavy autumn storms announce the nearing of winter. Norway is preparing and bracing for winter again.

Winter.White. Plains and mountains full of snow. Doused in sunshine … everyone goes outside. -20°C or even colder. No one cares. Skiing, cross-country skiing, sledding, snowshoeing … it gives you a warm feeling.


... and so much more.

There is so much to do near the lodge and in the region. It is the perfect base to start from for lots of activities. Something for everyone’s taste: culture, nature, sports … Everyone will have a brilliant holiday and come back with loads of unique experiences!


In the surroundings you will find kilometres of marked hiking trails across the plateaus. Those who want a bigger challenge could choose to climb one of the many mountain tops in the surroundings.

Mountain biking

Hop on your bike and you will see even more. It doesn’t have to be extreme or spectacular. With a basic condition you can go quite far on a quiet family ride over flat land.


Our lodge is right in between to major ski regions in Norway: Hemsedal and Geilo. Experience a totally different skiing holiday compared to the traditional ski countries.

Cross-country skiing

It is the Norwegian national sport. When the first snow falls everyone puts on their skis and goes out into nature. With 2000 kilometres of loipes Hallingdal is the cross-country skiing region par excellence.

Husky sledding tour

Who wouldn’t want to take a ride? Being drawn by a pack of excited husky dogs across untouched white landscapes.


Norway has lots of lakes. Enjoy the peace and quiet of nature while angling. In the evening you can eat your catch straight from the BBQ.


Ideal for the adventurers amongst us. Let the swirling water take you along the river. Just do it! What a kick!


The largest mountain plateau in Europe. You can take wonderful hikes in summer. In winter it is a real snow desert. The scenery for lots of films that are supposed to take place in the polar region. You just have to see Hardangervidda!


Is on the list of the most beautiful train journeys in the world! A steep trip across stunning Norwegian landscapes. On the way you will pass waterfalls and mountains and more than 20 bridges and tunnels. If you dare, you can ride the mountain bike back down. We take this journey every year, again!


Norway is the country of fjords. Especially the combination of deep water and high mountains captures the imagination. Make a day trip to the Hardanger or Aurlands fjord. Unique beauty of nature which no words can describe.

… and so much more.


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