We received this residence as a gift from our children, for our 30th wedding anniversary, almost 2 years ago. Our trip was actually planned last year in May but had to be postponed due to a persistent virus. Thank you Anke and Geert for the flexibility. We had already been to Norway a few times, the natural beauty continues to amaze us. And then be able to stay in such a separate hytte! Without a doubt the most beautiful place to stay we have ever been. On Sunday we hiked from the hytte almost to Gaurhovd (rain made us return slightly off target). The next day it was beautiful sunny weather; the circular walk “The end of the world” was fantastically beautiful. The sun was still shining on Tuesday, we climbed the Lauvdalsbrea (alpine snow seen up close just below the top) and then paid a visit to Reine and the surrounding area. In the evening Isabelle baked zucchini chocolate cake, delicious! On Wednesday a visit to Gol, followed by a walk in Spildra. Then a rainy day; chilled out in the hytte, read a lot and baked cheesecake (it was one of them’s birthday). On our last day it got noticeably colder, with a cloudy sky, but we were able to do a nice walk from Bosset to the top of the Dyera and back. We really enjoyed the beautiful decor and luxury in Hjemmebu, we took some ideas home with us. Glad we could stay here! It was delicious.

We experienced a wonderfully relaxed week. We took care of your house as if it were our own … unfortunately 😉 We return home with full batteries but leave behind a bottle of wine as a thank you, time for you to enjoy! Looking forward to next time.

Isabelle & Bob – 11/09/2021 – 18/09/2021

Dear Anke and Geert,
What more can we tell you, because everything in this Hytteboek has already been described in detail and not even a word is exaggerated! In short: the house or your ‘Hjemmebu’ is simply breathtaking, both in terms of the furnishing (cozy, cosy, beautiful furniture) and the environment! Everything has been thought of here! So complete, hats off! We enjoyed a lot during 3 weeks and were of course also lucky with so many sunny days. So we really lived outside and the cozy terrace with all the trimmings was “special”! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to live/stay here and hope you can make many more guests happy and enthusiastic with your “Hjemmebu” and the “beautiful surroundings” and that you can enjoy yourself for a long time(er) of this beautiful place or better yet this “PARADISE” or ‘Feel at home’! Cordial greetings.

Liliane Laeque – 10/09/2021

Dear Hjemmebu Owners,
Our first experience in Norway started a week ago. And we are surprised, pleasantly surprised! Whether the sun was shining or not, nature remained extraordinarily beautiful. In the lounge, on the terrace, there was no undiscovered spot where we could enjoy and chill out after a brisk walk or bike ride. In the evening, having a nice dinner with a glass of wine (or two) from Jorgen, after a relaxing sauna session, was a real holiday for us. We tested both lakes; the small one for a dip after the sauna, the big one for a hilarious canoe trip. In addition to the extensive exploration of Al and the surrounding area, we move to the touristic Fläm for a train ride to Myrdal. We were so happy to have taken the bike downhill, highly recommended! The longer car ride was no problem for us with some exciting podcasts from De Volksjury. THANK YOU!

Friends of the Hubbie 9

Dear Anke & Geert,
My sister told me about this magical place two years ago and that Dirk and I should definitely come along. We had already been to Sweden for 2 years and I am attracted to the Scandinavian countries. But Norway goes a few steps further than Sweden. The vastness, the nature, the beautiful walks and coming home to the hut. Very sad that my dearest twin sister could not physically share this with us here. We have shed a few tears but above all experienced everything here according to Veerle’s spirit: admiration, enthusiasm and positivity. She was with us in our big hearts the whole time! Thank you also to Jorgen, Michiel, Ine and Rein for making this week beautiful for us. With Veerle together in our hearts, there was a great connection, in our laughter, in our walks, bike rides, delicious meals outside, even when making our tik tok movie :-). It’s also nice that we were able to talk about Veerle on the last evening. The magic of Hjemmebu works!
Jorgen, Janne, Michiel, Ine, Tinne and Hanne, enjoy this more than beautiful place and THX. This place will always stay with me.

Inge and Dirk


Diary of our summer in Norway.
After 7 months of hard work we are finally back here. Due to corona, no one was welcome in Norway again, not even 2 stayers! And because Belgium changed color from green to orange again, we left a little faster than planned (Friday evening instead of Tuesday). On Friday we slept in Munster, and Saturday on the boat (Kiel – Oslo). Our car was in Belgium to have a roof tent installed on it. On this boat were many Belgians who had their journey brought forward due to the changes in the Norwegian restrictions. From Monday everyone must be double vaccinated to enter Norway, even the kids! Not OK and you will be returned. We were lucky: due to our double vaccine, we immediately received an orange card when we entered the boat – vaccine ok. On the boat we met Stijn and Karolien van Boutersem. They also paid a visit to our cabin on Sunday. The weather was glorious from arrival to Tuesday. July 27 between 25 and 28 degrees. In the morning soon 18 degrees at 8 am. PS: We were off the boat in 10 minutes!
The first day on Norwegian soil we slept in our roof tent in Larrolls on the Oslofjord. Beautiful view, although we were a bit bothered by night noise from some young people. Monday we had to pick up our bikes in Oslo and then off to our cabin! yep. After such a long time. FINALLY. Tuesday, mowed grass, did the Christmas laundry (at that time quite hectic with Geert’s shoulder fracture) and cleaned up a bit. Wednesday we went for a bike ride.
New trip over the mountains:
– hut to Slettobig . junction
– Along the reservoir
– Nystolane
– Tromod set
– lia tops
– Returpunkt and back to cabin
Thursday we did some shopping and planted plants and at 4 pm Griet, Ron, Niels and Geert arrived. 2 fun days with swimming in the lake, kayaking, cycling, … enjoying the sun! They left around 11am on Saturday. We have used the rest of the day to prepare our tour to Jatuiheinse tomorrow. Departed on Sunday around 11 am and arrived in Vang at 2 pm. There we cycled part of the Molkjevegen and then drove on to Tyjn where we cycled part of the Moljevegen towards Tyjnholemse and Eidsburgerden. We have set up our roof tent along the beautiful Tyinmeer. So nice that this can just happen in the wild. The following days we drove to Eidsburger at the foot of the Jotusheine National Park. Our walk went to ‘vinje-1486’ (about 4 hours!) and then another bike ride. Not such a nice road, lots of stones. Tuesday first day of rain. So book and seat day. Also blissful after 7 months. August 27 – 28 – 29: outside a few rain walks and reading nothing special (Geert has updated some … ). Friday, August 30: Blissful bike ride. From the hut to Hemsedal and back: 100 km! Delicious !!! The weather was beautiful again! We left around 10:30 am and returned home at 7:00 pm! Lunch in the Fjellofe in Hemsedal (we hadn’t been able to get there on 1 January after Geert’s fall). Saturday was a very beautiful day! In the evening a lot of wind and rain. Sunday storm! Wednesday = camping in Djup on the walk of the end of the world. Blessed, no people, nice weather. And so our holiday in the cabin is almost over. Tomorrow Friday we leave for the lofoten because the cabin is rented out.
So, our blissful holiday is over… Relaas, very nice weather with about 4 rainy days out of 15 days.
– 3 moose seen (1 in Hemsedal and 3 down here on the road)
– cranes were also present
– owl and rabbit not seen.

Almost always eaten outside!

Anke & Geert – 18/07/2021 – 08/2021

What a discovery! A beautifully designed spot in a magically beautiful landscape with a lake for swimming, including all the comforts present, a wonderful stay! The wonderful hosts care with an eye for detail and attention. Top notch for the guests, even those who arrive at the last minute. We have enjoyed, rest assured, the fine company, the guided bike ride, the nice chats and the unbridled hospitality. Thanks Anke & Geert. this must be heaven.

Griet & Niels (Bayers-Huybrechts) – 22/07/2021 – 24/07/2021

What a beautiful cabin! Thank you for renting it out to us. We went skiing here in this beautiful area! Hope we are coming here again.

Solveig (12), Vebjorn (10), Jonas and Nina – 06/03/2021 – 08/03/2021



What a break and what a rest! Lili first long ski trips (and mine without too much time on my bum thanks to the perfect snow conditions!). We could not dream of a most Hygge-tig hytte! You really have created a magic place!
The travel restrictions ended up being a blessing, 2h30 from Oslo, we had perfect holidays! Best memories will stay the dog sledging experience in Geilo (and Lili of course want a husky!). Back rested and full of nice memories! Hope you will be back soon to your cabin!

Martin, Lili and Julie – 20/02/2021 – 27/02/2021



After a very hard year, we couldn’t ask for a better holiday! Relax, alcohol and family! Only piece missing: Thijs!!
Highlights of the holiday: I learned how to snoawboard but most important I got a medal. I did as well looking darts. We are late, must go! bye!

Francesca & Daan – 18/12/2020 – 02/01/2021

Yes, what strange times. For a long time it was very unclear whether we could come. We were allowed because we have a house in Norway, but Daan and Frafra do not live at our address. Normally they had to stay in a quarantine hotel for 10 days. But because all those hotels were full and turned out not to be the ideal solution, this was fortunately abolished. Now at the border it was still exciting. We were just going to be comfortable as soon as we crossed the border. Everyone’s pass went through easily except Frafra’s. Now that’s actually not an official pass either… But we wanted to use it because it wouldn’t be taken out. Pfff … but it worked. And we had a wonderful holiday. Beautiful weather the first week. Played a lot in the snow. At least they did a lot of sledding, walking, taking a walk with the snow rockets and cross-country skiing mom and dad. Really beautiful sunshine and then snow, snow, snow from Saturday December 26 until we left. We were allowed to go to the hut but had to be quarantined from December 18 to 28. From December 29 we went skiing in Hemsedal. Very good snow but poor visibility … snow every day. Frafra learned to snowboard and …on the last day Geert fell … dislocated shoulder. Down with the snowmobile, with the ambulance to the hospital and then the tests. Testing before departure to Norway, testing before returning to the Netherlands, testing on arrival in Belgium and back in quarantine … But we enjoyed it. I like to include the tests and quarantine.
Hopefully we will be back here during the spring break and Thijs will be there. He was now studying in Brussels.
Almost forgot: darts was very important, food way too much but very tasty thanks to Daan and Frafra. Games: code names, kittens, …

Anke, Geert, Tuur, Daan & Frafra – 18/12/2020 – 02/01/2021

A first acquaintance with Norway … we really liked it! Beautiful, expansive vistas, as far as the eye can see. You have chosen a fantastic place! After walking we can ‘come home’ to this cozy hytte, we have discovered a dream spot! We’re going back home in no time! And we will definitely come back…

Thank you Anke & Geert

Tips for the following tenants:

  • The Blue card ‘Hemesdal Golstjellet’ with indications of Anke and Geert is highly recommended! The very scenic road to Hemsedal was fantastic… desolate!
  • Beautiful walk in Al (map Al), walks ‘Bergsjoomradet’, extensive tower.
  • Beautiful walks in the inner area around the hytte and the large lake… ‘Spot the hut’, you can see them from a great distance!
  • The road to Flam (route 50) is great, so we were probably a bit disappointed about the train ride… We were already spoiled along the way. But a limited train ride and back on foot or by bike will probably give you enough time to enjoy the scenery above, with the train too fast and too noisy for us…

When we returned with our children, we would rather opt to go into the fjords by boat or choose a fjord safari.
Above all, we left a lot of activities to come back again… It was great!

Bert & Saar Adriaens – Vangindertael – 20/09/2019



… a house with style and silence …
… ‘a room with a view’ …
that makes me totally ZEN!
Thank you Anke and Geert

Myriam & Luc Vangindertael – 20/09/2019


10 dagen leven in jullie droom, Hjemmebu is een parel van een huis; Alle comfort, prachtig gelegen, fantastische uitzichten. We geraken niet uitgekeken … Na 4 jaar Lapland eindelijk eens  Zuid Noorwegen aangedaan, en het kan ons zeker bekoren. Dirk, Bernadet, Maggie en Bart hebben hier enorm genoten van de rust, van de verplaatsingen, van de natuur en van het leven. Hopelijk tot ziens, we komen graag nog eens terug (in de winter of zo … ?)

Bart, Maggie, Bernadette en Dirk – 10/09/2019

We wanted to do something different than sailing for a summer vacation. After a number of winter holidays in Lapland, we wanted to see what it was like in the summer. After seeing the hytte Hjemmebu on instagram, the choice was quickly made for us; beautiful, atmospheric cabin and that in a great piece of nature, super! For us it was discovering nature in combination with action that attracted us. We experienced that action: rafting and canyoning in Dagali, where canyoning is highly recommended! The train journey from Flam to Vatrahaften to then go down with the zipline at 100 km/h and the last part downhill by bike was beautiful when it comes to nature, but far too touristy for us. Furthermore, wonderful and surprising walks, in short, the action, nature, tranquility and the comfortable, nice house have made it an unforgettable holiday for us!
We enjoyed it and hope that many will follow this experience. Thank you!

Walter, Severine, Jort and Olivier Biné – 30/08/2019

We have spent a super super holiday here. Norway and cabin great. 5 days of long walks and glacier tour!

Frans – Sien, Alex – Fabrizio (Brussels) – 17/08/2019 – 24/08/2019


Ondanks het feit dat de weergoden ons niet altijd goedgezind waren, was het een geslaagde vakantie. We ontdekten ‘Hygge’ en genoten intens van deze fantastische hytte en  uitzicht. Het was ook zalig om ’s avonds bij te praten buiten aan het haardvuur met ‘smores’ als afsluiter. Een aanrader ?

Tak, Anke en Geert!

Douglas, Sophie, Henry & Arthur – 16/08/2019



We keken enorm uit naar deze vakantie omdat het ‘eens wat anders’ zou zijn, onze eerste keer Noorwegen. Wat een prachtig land! We hebben gewandeld, gefietst, geraft, de Fjorden gezien, … Maar vooral genoten! Van de rust, van het uitzicht, van elkaar en van jullie fantastische hytte! Knap, proficiat! Alles is voorzien en dat maakt dat wij ten volle kunnen genieten hebben. ZALIG! We’ll be back. ?

Steven en Nancy, Robbe, Annelies en Stef – 09/08/2019

Norway how powerful you are!
Our cabin was also very beautiful.
We came here on vacation.
You bet: we had a lot of fun!
Hiking in the mountains, to Myrdal by train
Some breathtaking car rides, that’s all.
Enjoy the cabin, every day.
Moose spotting and trout fishing on the lake.
Norway and Hjemmebu from us you get 10/10!

Elke and Guy – 02/08/2019

Hello Geert, Anke, Daan, Thijs and Tuur,

We really enjoyed your stay here, as well as the area. Thank you for letting us stay here. Here you will not be short of anything, really thought of everything. It is very pleasant and carefree to stay. Congratulations for your perseverance in making this all happen. Norway also gives a person everything you need: natural beauty, peace, purity, clean air, … We did the Voringsfossen, from below. Difficult hike with the rocks, but really worth it! Trout fishing was great fun too! Train to Myrdal and walk to Berekoam was also breathtaking! “End of the world” walk in Fodalen area was indeed ‘the end’, WOW! We actually wanted to do so much more, but it’ll be for another time.
Kind regards,

Chris, Vanessa and Bjarne from Bekele

Hi Norway, you are beautiful! Our eyes tell stories, glow of wonder days, freshly lived adventures. You carried us with mountain boots to unknown places, caressed by the sun. We went fishing, with no catch. Climbing mountains, no challenge was too big for us. Get lost cycling and walking without end. Float over water, kayak among the ice and conquer fears in rivers.
Hi Norway, you are so unique! Sheep on the road, no beer on Sundays. Pay without money. Views without end. Terrifyingly quiet and breathtakingly beautiful.
Hi Hjemmebu,
Homely warm and stylishly cosy.
A cabin where there is time for each other.
Hi Norway,
We keep you close.

Liesbeth, David, Robbe, Nant

Lieve Anke en Geert,

Wij zijn niet zo’n grote schrijvers, dus heb ik rondgevraagd wat de familie zal bijblijven van deze ‘perfecte’ vakantie: super gaaf uitzicht, de stilte, het wonderlijke avondlicht, heel veel kiekeboe’s ?. Vreemde deurklinken en mega veel hout, stapelbedden, niet uitgetest! En vooral heel veel inspiratie voor het interieur thuis. Het was een waar genoegen een hele week in jullie hut te mogen verblijven, het voelde echt als ‘thuis’.

Teseu Takk !!!

Michael, Raf, Hannah, Andreas, Bea – 20/07/2019

Together with Fré, Katleen and Simon. Lovely quiet time together. We had great weather again! ALWAYS EATED OUTSIDE! It did end in a minor key… Geert has lost a piece of pinkie…
@ Geert: stay away from that winch !!!

Anke, Geert and Tuur – 07/07/2019 – 12/07/2019

Liefste Tuur, Anke & Geert,

Wat een heerlijke vakantie samen in jullie prachtige hut! Mee verliefd op het land, de plaats, de hut en alle details ?. Fietstocht van wereldformaat, zalig eten, heerlijk thuisgevoel bij het vuur samen. Enige minpuntje: niks gevangen tijdens onze vissessie op het meertje ?. Wees maar zeker, wij komen terug, al was het maar om een vakantie in schoonheid te eindigen, samen (knipoog, knipoog). Enorme dank. Veel liefs,

Fré, Katleen, Simon – 12/07/2019

Hygge ten top!
Jezelf terugvinden
Eindeloze vergezichten
Super mooie inrichting
Elanden, schapen, koeien
Buiten leven
Uitzonderlijk rustig

Lieve Anke en Geert,
Bovenstaande is maar een kleine opsomming van wat we hier gevonden hebben. We wisten niet goed wat we moesten verwachten van onze 1e keer Noorwegen, maar het is 200% meegevallen! De avond dat we hier toekwamen, werden we al getrakteerd op een eland en stond er een ontvangstcomité van schapen voor de poort, de toon was meteen al gezet. We hebben mooie wandelingen gedaan in zon, wind, regen en sneeuw zelfs, en het was daarna altijd o fijn om ‘thuis’ te komen. Dit was echt wat we nodig hadden om even te ontsnappen aan het drukke leven thuis. Jullie hebben hier echt een uniek plekje gecreëerd, koester het! En heel erg bedankt dat we er ook eens van konden proeven, het smaakt naar meer ?! Een hele fijne vakantie gewenst!

Ilse, Natan, Emma, Lotte, Steven – 05/07/2019

Thank you for lending us your wonderful cabin Hjemmebu. We have enjoyed a peaceful week with good walks in the surrounding areas. We also visited Bjonefarken – the wolves were amazing. Hjemmebu is a very stylish and cozy cabin at the same time. The cabin has all the facilities for a comfortable stay. Upon arrival we found it perfectly clean and welcoming. We would very much like to visit Hjemmebu again. It is one of the finest cabins we have ever seen.

Kind regards,
Med vennly bulzen

Emma, Sofie, Hennik, Sveinung oz Helene (from Bergen) – 28/06/2019

Het was voor ons de eerste keer Noorwegen en het was één grote ontdekking. We kwamen aan in een stralende zon en konden genieten van jullie mooie en smaakvol ingereichte hut met een prachtig uitzicht. De volgende dagen maakten we uitstappen naar het meer van Bergsjoen, het einde van de wereld en Flam. Vanuit de keuken konden we de jonge vogeltjes observeren in hun nestje boven op de lamp, we hebben ze zelfs zien uitvliegen. En dan natuurlijk het avontuur met de schaapjes ?. Kortom, we hebben genoten van jullie super gezellige plekje, de natuur en de rust. Dank je om dit te delen.

Stany & Hilde – 15/06/2019 – 22/06/2019

Deze week alleen gewerkt … Steentjes uit gras harken, aarde om op te vullen, gras bijzaaien. Het dak: gras afgedaan, dood gras eruit gehaald, en nu hopen dat het groeit … Op onze weg naar beneden 2 elanden gezien, aan de bosrand in de open vlakte. Zon en regen, tussen 7 en 17 graden. In het zonnetje zelfs 24 graden ?

Anke en Geert – 03/06/2019 – 07/06/2019

Welcome Geert & Anke!

We enjoyed it despite changing and relatively cold weather. That is why we enjoyed the cabin a lot. Well done! We’ll talk to you live again soon. We left some stuff (flat bread, jam, etc. incl. salmon in your private fridge). The wine is a present. Happy Holidays!

Fred and Sonja – 02/06/2019

Flamm, hiking on the path to the moose, in the snow, hail, sun, with or without wind. Incredible vistas of frozen lakes and powerful bubbling waterfalls… Too many to list. We enjoyed it from start to finish.

Lieve and Eric, Mia and Geert – 26/04/2019 – 04/05/2019

Need some relaxation after a ‘hard’ weekend. Working 45 days in a row is not everything, but now a few days of complete rest. There was no one on the mountain! Delicious. On arrival there was still a lot of snow, but at 24 degrees in the sun it melts quickly … On departure there were already many brown spots. On Tuesday we saw cross-country skiers, but they already had to go through the water here and there… We sat in the sun, read, walked and ran in the morning! 37 more days of work and we’re back!

Anke and Geert – 23/04/2019 – 26/04-2019

PS: Woodpecker has been sitting at our cabin :'(


Lieve Anke en Geert en boys!

Jullie zijn juist vertrokken en het is net alsof de ‘warmte’ uit de hut is meegegaan. We hebben zoooo hard genoten! Niet alleen van het wondermooie Noorwegen maar ook van jullie gezelschap. Skiën, langlaufen (wat net iets meer pijn deed ? ), sleeën, apero buiten … een echte gezondheidskuur! Afsluiten deden we met het spelletje van Daan ? ? ? … Kortom: een TOPWEEK.

PS: tip tap top … de datum staat op zijn kop.

Veel liefs, de buren
Lien, Boris, Hilde, den Dirk – 08/03/2019


We have had another beautiful week. The past few weeks it had thaw a lot BUT luckily we got ‘packs’ of snow. Together with the neighbors (Mich, Dirte, Boris and Lien) we enjoyed skiing, sledding and cross-country skiing. The boys (Daan was also here for a few days) also went skiing in Geilo for the first time. That became less pleasing. Other events = Thijs in Hemsedal against job à left knee ligaments over … And Thijs is 18 years old today! He sat against the tree on Monday and had to spend the rest of the holiday indoors. Sun, snow, snow, snow.

Anke, Geert, Daan, Thijs and Tuur, and the neighbors – 08/03/2019

Super enjoyed in a beautiful cabin!


Thomas Oli and Wolly


Dear Anke and Geert,

We have had a fantastic week in your Norwegian pearl! When we visited your website, we immediately knew: your dream had to become our dream! We had to have patience – sorry Geert for the stalking -, but after 15 months the time had come… The first evening we were immediately confronted with the brutality of the Norwegian nature. Given the higher temperatures, the road – the last hill – to your cabin had turned into an ice rink. But thanks to the logistical support of Geert and the help of a friendly Norwegian neighbor, this problem was solved in 10 minutes! The first day: ‘snowshoe’ walk in Geilo. Via vin to Geilo antiv, everything was arranged quickly on site. Second day: ski day in Geilo with sun! In the evening campfire at the hytte with a glimpse of the aurora borealis … ! Third day: ‘sledding day’ in skarsuia leck but a ‘long drive’, +- 60 minutes but the sun made up for it! So in the evening winter barbecue! And the next morning: breakfast outside with the beautiful heat lamp. Wednesday ( 4th day): in the afternoon we made a toboggan run in your garden, sorry Anke and Geert! 5 th day (Thurs): Flam! 6h departure, given fresh snow (5 cm) a real challenge to arrive in Flam by 8h56. The route over Hol-Hagafossen sudndalen was a challenge for the eye but also for the driver! Memorable! 9h30: winter Fjord safari: a must! 11h45: Flamsbana in winter, not really worth it. Friday ( 6th day): ski day Hemsedal: beautiful slopes in beautiful surroundings. Cool! Tomorrow is our last day: last but not least: huskey tour. Capturing this was the biggest challenge in this Norwegian school holiday week but Kjell was our lifesaver! Thank you Anke and Geert for allowing us to experience this. HJEMMEBU OG HYGGE

Interesting numbers :
Nina from Geilo Aktiv:
+47 993 49 341
à snowshoe
à falbike

Kjell (CGOL)
+47 918 67 043
à dogsledding

NO MORE +47 957 34004
Eline and Hilde no longer work (with dogs?)

Karen, Jules, Margaux, Eline, Michael, Daphne, Jente – 16/02/2019 – 23/02/2019

25 jaar huwelijk vieren samen met de kids, Lieven. “Amazing” in 1 woord was het hier deze week. Hebben genoten van jullie prachtige hytte, de prachtige omgeving, het snowboarden, skiën, wandelen, de tocht met de husky’s, het lekkere eten en drinken ?. En vooral de zalige rust! Onbetaalbaar … Wandelen in de sneeuw en enkel het geluid van je voetstappen horen! De tocht naar boven was telkens een avontuur … Spijkerbanden is geen overdreven luxe! Willen niet wachten om onze volgende jubileum te vieren aar komen héél graag nog eens terug in de zomer of winter. Van harte bedankt omdat we van jullie “parel” mochten genieten!

Lieve groeten,
De Horivoet cb

Hanne, Isabeau, Luc, Lakar, Brigitte, Simon – 02/02/2019 – 09/02/2019

We were only here for 3 days but again it was great. Just charge the batteries and then work hard for another 4 weeks! It snowed a lot while we were here, so walking, skiing and cross country skiing were great! Great with just the two of you, enjoy…

Spotted: snow cous, every morning at the UTHUS.

Anke and Geert – 30/01/2019 – 01/02/2019

We take with us wonderful memories … What a beautifully decorated hut! We enjoyed all the amenities, sauna, board games, sledding, etc. …

Have fun with your cabin!

Kathleen, Koen, Elisa and Jonas Reinhardt – 27/01/2019

I am very glad I could be here. It was a nice autumn break. Sadly we have to go home now. Anke and Geert, thank you for the great holiday. And that I could join.

Maarten – 03/01/2019

We forgot what ‘traffic jam’ means, we’ll find out soon. Keep this gem well hidden and keep it ’empty’ and quiet. We enjoyed it!

Steven, Katia, Pieter and Ilse

This has been an incredibly amazing week. I am so grateful to have this big family and to be in this amazing place. Thank you a lot for inviting us here. This place and this cottage is awesome. Thank you Geert and Anke, Daan and Fra. Love you, OT.


Thank you so much for the wonderful cabin and week. A week to never forget! Thanks Geert, Anke, Daan and Francesca.


Twee jaar na Finland zijn we weer herenigd in een sprookjeslandschap! Wat een ongelofelijk fijne week in dit prachtige huis met vrienden voor het leven. ? Bedankt Geert & Anke, Daan & Francesca! Hopelijk tot snel!


Thank you so much Anke and Mr G! You are the best parents in law I could ever wish for! It was super nice with not much snow (it felt like Marrakesh ? ) but suuuper cold! Thank you for letting us celebrate my birthday with this amazing friends and my love. See you soon!


PS: All your glasses are broken haha ?

PPS: Nice pillow! ?

Super amazing week with beautiful weather everyday. Pictures to come! Couldn’t wish for a nicer place to celebrate the 3rd birthday together with my love.

Thx mamsie en papsie.


Daan en Francesca – 25/11/2018


This is indeed coming home. We have never understood what our children call ‘chilling’. Now we understand what it means. We ‘chilled’. Nothing is necessary. Everything is possible in a beautiful and super cozy ‘hut’, a breathtaking environment and above all – REST -. Very pleasant people who take time for you and give the feeling of staying at the end of the world for four days. We didn’t see everything here at all, so definitely have to stop by again.


What have we enjoyed again! Lovely autumn weather, beautiful autumn colours, nice and beautiful sun between 5 and 15 granden. And to finish… Snow!!! On departure, everything is white and around freezing. Delicious!!! See you in 4 weeks…

Walks Gaurhovd, Tjukkejorr to Opheimstolen and to the hut. Also gave interior advice to a Norwegian for the first time 😉

Anke & Geert – 23-27/09/2018

Escape from reality (kids, husband, naughty/misbehaved students) in your amazing cabin. Nice walks, excellent food – spectacular surrounding and view.
We have seen more hares in the garden.
Yi kommet gjerne tillbake and annen gang. Takk for oss!

Susanne, Karina, Husband, Guto – 23/09/2018

First of all, we have to mention that you have one of the most beautiful cabin’s we have ever seen. The architecture, the interior mixed with the cozyness. WOW! We arrived on Friday since then we have had many good meals enjoyed the area around the cabbin and found ourselves in zen-mock plenty of times. Thank you!
Hopefully we would have the opportunity to come back in another occation, until then, take care! Vriendelijke groeten.

Petter, Malin, Anne-Marie, Krstine, Simon and Kenneth with kids – 7-9/09/2018

We will remember our first Norway trip as follows:

  • First of all, this beautiful cabin. Coming back in the afternoon or evening after activity was always something to look forward to. The tasteful decor, the warm coziness and every possible accommodation.
  • Activities: in addition to 2 beautiful walks (Bergsjostolen & End of the World) we did rafting (premium), MTB and followed a route for a whole day by car (> 300 km) which gave us a good idea of the region and its assets!

In short: a sporty holiday in Norwegian nature and “coming home” to your cabin. Now we wonder what everything looks like in the snow. Thank you!

Actually I’m not into hiking at all but for the first time I thought it was SUPER and the cabin was beautiful. I would have stayed a week longer but with school that is difficult! It was a SUPER fun trip! Lieze

Geert, Annemie, Lieze and Thor – 25/08-01/09/2018

Onze eerste keer in Noorwegen en we hebben er al meteen ons hart verloren!
Heerlijk genoten van de natuur, wijds en desolaat. Elke dag picnic want geen café of resto te bespeuren … en na afloop was het telkens thuiskomen in deze magnifieke hut, zo smaakvol ingericht. Proficiat aan diegene(n) die er zo’n pareltje van gemaakt hebben! Een terugkeer staat op mijn “wish-list”. ? Nu helaas stilaan huiswaarts .. .Nog 2 dagen Oslo & een citytrip Copenhagen en zal ons foto-album op de GSM zo stilaan ontploft zijn! Dank en tot weerziens.

Annie, Stijn, Vincent en Simon – 18-25/08/2018

PS: onden we nog niet terug in de lijst van “aanraders” en was zeker de moeite: wandeling vanuit Bergsjostolen naar Ovre/Eitsjt (tot aan de postbus met het logboek) en voor de terugweg route via Rodingen meer. Laatste 1 ½ lus over de verharde weg terug naar de parking in Bergsjostole +/- 9 km.

A wonderfully relaxing week’s holiday in your beautiful cabin! We had already completed a 10-day tour in Norway so we took it a bit easier here.
The weather was also a lot less the last 3 days. We also saw moose mother and calf and cranes. We did the bike tour from Finse: really worth it! In addition, a nice walk around the Bersjo lake, fishing, kayaking,… We will be happy to come back!

The Schepers family – Sven, Liesbet, Nand and Michiel – 11-17/08/2018

A long, blissful Norwegian holiday!

First a few days along the coast. Also a beautiful region. We drove along the coast from Oslo to Fevik. Kragero a beautiful harbor with delicious restaurants. We slept in Fevik. We experienced the warmest day there: 31 degrees; in every body of water we encountered there were a few people swimming! Driving back was past Dalen (Telemark) and Rukjan -> REALLY MUCH.- small town built around waterfall and hydroelectric power station. A town that is almost always in the shade. The first funicular in Europe was also built so that people could see the sunlight!
On Saturday we arrived at our cabin, finally together with Thijs & Tuur and Mathijs. Our trips:

  • walk Dynnafjell
  • walk End of the World
  • Mountain Carts in Hemsedal
  • bike ride at the hut 13 km to Gaurhovd
  • local festival at Gaurhovd

Not to forget, we saw: cranes, deer and 12 x a moose. Although they were often the same, namely a mother with her calf. You can see the moose if you drive a little lower towards “bomveg” around 10 pm. They usually come out at dusk. You can see them on the edge of the forest in an open meadow. Good luck!

Anke & Geert, Thijs & Tuur, Matthijs – 28/07 – 11/08/2018

It was a very nice holiday with very nice memories. I enjoyed the beautiful landscape and the many animals a lot! And had a lot of fun, especially on mountain carts. Thank you for having me. Mathijs

We were allowed to travel for 9 days from the Voringfossen, the Eidfjord, Bergen, Flamm to the Sognefjord and the Nordfjord. It was intense, but we enjoyed the peace, the silence, the nature …
We also had a fantastic week in your beautiful cabin. We cycled to Finse and back, 54 km, the way there quite a challenge for our 12 year old daughter but it was great! We have walked to the ‘end of the world’…enjoying again! We went for a walk from the cabin and swam in the lake. And then still be able to come home to your stylish cabin… wonderful! It was more than 25°C here for a whole week.
We will go home rested and with beautiful memories! But first another weekend in Oslo. Heartily!

Isabelle & Wim, Janne, Nel and Noor – 21-28/07/2018

Dear Anke and Geert,
We had a fantastic week in your beautiful cabin! Hjemmebu will always remain with us as ‘the place to relax, to enjoy the absolute silence, your cozy place where you can always come “home” after a unique day trip.’ We really enjoyed the beautiful Norwegian nature while cycling from Finse to Hougestol, the beautiful walk “to the end of the world” and our visit to Flamm with the cruise on the Naerfjord and the Aurlandsfjord. In short, Hjemmebu is the place where we really experienced “hygge”! We cherish many beautiful memories… Heartily!

Chris, Tine, Charlotte and Hendrik – 14-21/07/2018

After enjoying a week in the Nordfjord area, we had a fantastic week this week. We enjoyed “the end of the world”, cycling to Finnish and “back”. Congratulations to the ladies. Furthermore, Hardangervidda is a very beautiful area, the suspension bridge spectacular and the Eidfjord very beautiful.
Hiking from the cabin, swimming in the lake and hiking near Hemsedal were also on the program. But what we certainly enjoyed so much are the moments of rest in and at the Hytte. Blessed! Here a person comes to rest. Thank you for letting us enjoy your Hytte.

Jan, Caroline, Frederik & An-Sofie – Zonhoven – 07-14/07/2018

The Belgians scored but that is only one of our joys because thanks to the good tips from Geert and Anke we have spent a fantastic holiday here. We discovered the end of the world …, cycled, had a lovely picnic along lakes, admired the beautiful nature and breathtaking panoramas … not to mention, we had a wonderful time in this cozy hytte. It is pure harmony and symbiosis. Thank you for sharing this beautiful place.

Marc, Anne, Arnaud, Alexia, Michaël, Jorien – 01-07/07/2018

Anke, Geert & kids,

Wat een oase hier! Een klein paradijs in een stukje van de wereld dat zó prachtig is dat we NIET naar huis willen … We hebben 4 dagen buiten geleefd. Eten en drinken with a stunning view, wandelen door takken, modder en sneeuw -bij 25°C, trail loopjes met natte voeten … een klein fuifje ( ? ) op het terras in de zon … En de stilte!! Die is niet te vatten! Vier babalgrage dames die genieten ONGEZIEN ?.
Na de sauna, skinny dippen in het meer was een unicum! De zon heeft onze huid gebruind en het briesje zorgt voor zalige verfrissing. 1 woord: HEERLIJK! Jullie hut is een pareltje. Cosy, stijlvol, “warm”, … gewoon prachtig. We genoten net van ons laatste ontbijtje op het terras en weten nu al dat we graag nog ’s terugkomen om weer van die prachtige zonsondergang te genieten…


Hanne, Lieve, Kim en Kirsten – 21-24/05/2018

Dear Anke & Geert,

We have depression… We have to go home. After all, we feel so at home. Hjemmebu is the correct name for your Hytte. Decorated with so much love and taste down to the smallest detail. Your tips and helpfulness have ensured that our trip was so diverse and that we were able to experience the hytte in all its charm.
The week was over in no time thanks to the fantastic combination of skiing, cross-country skiing, rocket walking, fjord cruise, huskey sledding, and if we got lost, every Norwegian could show us the way to the hytte with the black windows. Thanks for the hospitality!
It tastes like more. Johan
Maybe in the summer for fishing! Catherine
It was great, Aila
Thx! Carlo
A dream cabin and dream week. Thanks, Inge.
Top stay, top weather, top snow. Danny

Catherine, Johan, Aila, Carlo, Inge, Danny – Easter 2018

Lieve Anke & Geert, Tuur & Thijs,

Dank voor de leuke week samen. We hebben genoten van deze prachtige omgeving en de gezellige en supermooi ingerichte hut. Dankzij de zon en verse sneeuw konden we ten volle genieten van deze betoverende, eindeloze omgeving en we begrijpen dat jullie jullie hart hier verloren zijn. Bovendien top gezelschap ? ! De week is voorbijgevlogen en we hebben nog heel wat te ontdekken in Noorwegen … ? We komen dus zeker nog terug.
Sophie en Manu
Bedankt voor de uitnodiging. We hebben ervan genoten. De aanwezige slees zijn super vooral met onze eigen jump. Xander.
Dank u voor de uitnodiging. Het was heel tof. Arthur
Bedankt voor deze week. Het was super. Manu

Sophie en Manu, Arthur, Xander  – pasen 2018

Dear Anke and Geert,

First of all, congratulations for going for your dream and now also being able to experience it in this beautiful place. feelathome in its deepest sense. Completely “nothingness” if you will. Whatever the weather – rather Norwegian in the summer – the house was always cozy here. Let it rain. But the occasional sun does wonders for nature outside. And we were able to enjoy it to the fullest: from fjords, from Fläm to the waterfall of Veringsfössen. And for those who like a “small” walk, the village “Reine” and “The end of the world” are highly recommended. That’s not too bad to hear that “end” so close to the snow.

We loved being here and would love to come back here. Preferably with a thick layer of snow. It was amazing!

Fons, Majella, Jonaisha from Hever – Schiplaken – 29/07/2017
PS And a top kitchen for the chefs!

It was with great pleasure and gratitude that we were able to kick off as your first tenants… and what an experience! Our family had the feeling of coming home and enjoying the paradise you have created here. Besides lazing around, walking, cycling, we went to discover the fjords in Fläm. Highly recommended”…. “You shouldn’t go far, because walking and cycling in the immediate vicinity allows you to enjoy the beautiful Norwegian nature! The firepit and the fire bowl complete the picture, so that reminiscing about a blissful day is a true feast.

As you have lost your heart to Norway, we have to admit that we will miss it very much too! Thank you for this wonderful holiday and the beautiful time we were allowed to spend in your cabin.


Family De Landtsheer – De Cauwer Ellen, Els and Gino from Lokeren – 22/07/2017

We had a wonderful week, good weather and good food, thanks to Daan. And the work is done! I wish you a lot of fun here.

Wouter – the painter of the hut – 02/07/2017

A fantastic week in a beautiful hytte with a lovely family. Thank you. Love to come back even to cook.

Moeke – Easter holidays – 03/03/2017

Our last night! We enjoyed our week’s vacation. We hiked, went skiing, went sledding, built an igloo, walked across a frozen lake…

We had our personal “cook” with us and that is how the inner person was also fed.
Thanks Moe!

Thank you Anke & Geert for this beautiful holiday spot, an oasis of peace! And what a view!

We would love to come back, preferably with you!

Jelle & Ilse – Moeke, Maarten, Liese, Mirte – Easter holidays – 13/04/2017

Sob, sob, … with a heavy heart we have to go back home.

Our first week is over!

We still had a lot to sort out, but it was still fun.

Anke, Geert, Thijs, Tuur and Moeke – 03/03/2017
Daan will be in South Africa for another 3 months. So he wasn’t there