Norway during the summer.Everything is green. You see water everywhere. Places that are not accessible during the winter suddenly become accessible. The country will double its size for a few months. You feel the peace and freedom when you go out to explore nature: on foot, by bike or in the canoe. There is so much to see. All your senses are stimulated!

And it is light almost around the clock.The days are long. Still, you will not have enough time to experience everything that the plains near our lodge and the region have to offer: hiking, relaxing & enjoying, mountain biking, fishing, rafting, day trips. Something for all tastes!

Taste the atmosphere in the video below and read on!


Hallingdal is the region for a real Norwegian mountain holiday. It is a succession of freely accessible mountains and national parks. Young and old, recreational hiker or mountaineer, everyone gets their money’s worth.

A good pair of climbing boots, a backpack with a solid picnic, enough drinks and a detailed map. That’s all you need to go out into nature and explore the plateau or the mountains.

Our lodge is located in the middle of a network with hiking trails. Start right outside the lodge for a short evening walk or a real day trip. There are lots of possibilities in the immediate surroundings.


Äl – 30-minute drive – has more than 50 marked trails. Easy hikes for the whole family or long, steep and intensive hikes for real mountain goats.

Or combine hiking and cycling, angling, horse riding or canoeing. In that case the high mountains around Bergsjo are definitely a must. Many consider it one of the most beautiful environments in the mountains in Norway. It provides a unique panoramic view of the mountain ranges Reineskarvet and Hallingskarvet.

Gol, Nesbyen, Hemsedal… hiking trails start in each of these villages. A list of all hiking trails is available on the website If you see it, you will understand why it will keep us busy for years to come.

Relaxing & Enjoying

We understand that you will be tempted to go out, discover and experience why the Norwegians are the happiest people in the world. But just a piece of advice: just stay in and around the lodge to unwind and enjoy. That’s exactly what the Norwegians do!

And the lodge offers all amenities to do so.Start the day with a large breakfast at the outdoor fireplace on the covered terrace. Then go inside or outside and enjoy some music while reading a book in the cosy seating area. Towards the evening you can cook a delicious dinner in the fully equipped kitchen, play games with the kids, take a heavenly sauna, sit around the fire basket and stare at the beautiful scenery while crane birds or the snow owl fly by.

What else does a person need to relax?

Mountain biking

Go out and about with the mountain bike!You see so much more than when you walk. Hallingdal has mile-long marked trails through the beautiful Norwegian nature. There are routes for each level.

If you want to ride one of Norway’s most popular cycling routes, make a trip to the Rallarvegenfrom Finse or Flam. Our children want to go back there every year. In the neighourhood, the nearby village of Alor even immediately outside the lodge there are plenty of possibilities. A total overview is available on Trailguide .

In short: endless possibilities for everyone!


Just imaging … eating the fish you caught during the day on the BBQ that same evening.Nothing tastes better. But of course you do have to catch it first J.

There are plenty of possibilities. Why not go fly fishing for the first time in your life? In any case, it is a unique experience because you are always in the middle of nature: forest, plateau, mountains. The walk to your fishing spot alone is pure fun.

Fishing in the vicinity of our lodge?  In the brochure Sportsfiske in Älyou will find a nice overview of about 50 easily accessible rivers and lakes. You have to have a fishing permit everywhere and keep to a number of rules. Read more about it here.


You’re right. If you want to go rafting in Norway you have to love action, speed and adventure. Trust the professional instructors with years of experience and have a unique experience. It’s a real kick!

Float along the fast-flowing and swirling water that splashes over the rocks and runs through cracks. The Norwegian rivers are on their bucket list of many rafters.

In the region you can go rafting on the Numedalslågen – the second longest river in Norway. A trail with alternately challenging and quiet pieces. If you want to take it easier, choose a family rafting, but we absolutely loved the premium rafting!

In Dagali – south of Geilo – you can contact several providers: Dagali Rafting,Raftingsenter Serious Fun Dagaliand Dagali Opplevelser. Just do it!


Our lodge is the perfect base for lots of day trips.

Visit the national park Hardangervidda. Take the train to Finse 1222high up in the mountains. Get on your bike and ride the breathtaking Rallarvegen descent.Go see the Fjords – Aurlandsfjord. Make a boot trip on the fjord. The Flämsbana is also unique – 1 of the 20 most beautiful train trips in the world. You can drive back over the plains where on several occasions we have seen herds of reindeer. Top day!

More than enough options!

It’s up to you to choose:

  • the Voringfossenwaterfall and the Sysen dam
  • “end of the world” walk at the Bergsjoplateau
  • car drive through the mountains from Leveld to Hemsedal with a stop at Reine, the most beautiful and highest mountain village in Hallingdal
  • over the panoramic road to Fagarnes
  • bear park in Fla and animal park Langedrag Fjellgard
  • climbing and high ropes course at Hallingdal Ferienpark
  • subtropical swimming pool Tropincanain Gol

… and so much more!


text Fjords will follow


text Fjords will follow


Flamsbana, the train ride through the Flam valley, was named the most beautiful train ride in the world by the Lonely Planet Traveller in 2014.

The steep ride of barely 20 km long starts at the end of the Aurlandsfjord at 2 m above sea level and ends in Myrdal, 867 m high in the mountains. Along the way you pass by magnificent views, dizzying mountainsides, deep waterfalls…. and more than 20 tunnels. There is so much to see that for many people a single ride up and down is not enough.

We take the ride again every year!